What is a Realistic Looking Sex Doll?

Sex dolls have certainly made incredible progress over the years. It’s hard to imagine but not too long ago, people had to make do with barely passable stuffed dolls and blow-up dolls. Now, the sex doll industry is thriving more than ever and millions are being used every day towards improving sex dolls. The result is they grow more popular as sex dolls continually bridge the gap between them and real women.

But what exactly makes sex dolls realistic? The answer is much more than you can imagine. A surprising amount of work goes into making a sex doll look as realistic as possible. Manufacturers meticulously craft every single part of a doll with attention to detail from the eyelashes of their eyes to the toenails of their feet. Those creepy, blank faces of the past are no longer an issue as sex dolls now have life-like faces that can be customised to your exact desires. It doesn’t stop there, even the anus and vagina are made to be as anatomically correct as possible, down to the very ridges of the internal vaginal walls.

The materials used also matter a great deal. For the skin to feel realistic, specialised materials such as medical grade silicone and thermoplastic elastomers are used as they best simulate the softness and elasticity of real skin. As a result, sex dolls don’t just look realistic, they also feel realistic which some might argue is even more important.

Yet another thing about realistic sex dolls is that they have a rigid yet moveable framework. In essence, it’s a metal skeleton that serves the same function as the one in your body. It gives a sex doll structure and therefore it doesn’t remain limp like a blow up doll but isn’t as immobile as a stuffed doll. The joints are moveable giving it a range of motion completely alike to that of the average human. As a result, you can position them exactly as you want which opens up uncountable possibilities.

The sex dolls sit in a chair, bend over, stand up or spread their legs suggestively. And let’s not even get into the myriad of different sex positions you could try out without having to worry about embarrassment or injury.

Sex dolls truly are incredible creations, and even then, new innovations are constantly being unveiled. At this point, self-warming sex dolls are nothing to be excited about as many manufacturers are looking into AI-enabled sex robots. Imagine a sex doll that can respond to your touch, talk dirty during sex and even orgasm! That’s not all, in addition to responding physically, such dolls can remember your preferences, wish you a happy birthday or even carry out a conversation. But before we get there, check out some of the best realistic sex dolls around.

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