If people envision the type of people who may head up a call girl agent, precisely what mental pictures enter your mind? Some seedy hoary bloke sporting a threadbare wool cardigan? Possibly some slick panderer who has his silk shirt collar on top of the lapels of his suit jacket? A repulsive middle aged man sporting a too small vest with cut-off sleeves and western footwear? Quite possibly a steroid fuelled eastern European with a hoarse sound and huge amounts of important tattoo designs as a result of their decades in Ukranian penitentiaries?

Well, whenever you live and work in Spain you would be very much in the minority in that viewpoint. Selling and buying sex is perfectly legal in Spain. There are literally no laws relating to it. Obviously human trafficking and other horrible and vile activities are illegal. Yet the Spanish legal view is that whenever two consenting adults want to exchange cash for sex, they should go to it.

Or else it’s possible you go with equal-opportunity platitudes and anticipate a tough old harridan heckling her slatterns in an odd eastern European accent? Or possibly a worn-out whore that does not do the job now and yet holds every one of her bitter and warped views of the life (every single flick anyone have probably come across). Or even possibly a blousy, cocaine fuelled tart trying too hard and carrying out a Belle du Jour impersonation?

Lets start with how and why someone would likely end up in the sex industry? Who might want to be a whoremonger or possibly madam? Why might someone go into this business rather than something more conventional? Surely there are easier and nicer ways to make money and have a good life?

Sex for sale is everywhere in Spain, especially in the big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. It is open, above board, and is a business like any other. There are advertising sections for sex and prostitutes in every local paper. The major media businesses own websites dedicated to the marketing of sexual services. Even the general websites where you can buy and sell your car, used electricals or maybe old toys has a section devoted to prostitution.

Sex is a big business in Spain. And as long as the people involved in it are not dealing drugs, pay their taxes, only work with girls of fully legal age and are not involved in people trafficking, then there will be no trouble with the Policia. It is only when people act like criminals that it becomes criminal.

So what style of people might own and operate a business such as Allys Angels Escorts in Ibiza or maybe Ibiza Beauties? A smart one exactly who had the skills and drive to build a business and the patience and attention to detail required to make it successful.

Well, the fact that you could ask the question in those terms is probably the reason why you wouldn’t have an immediate answer. Anyone exactly who would pose the question in those terms could almost certainly be starting from the point that any and all sex work is wrong and illegal.

Whatever your expectations are, I guarantee that they are wide of the mark and have little to do with the reality of well-run and professionally managed businesses such as Allys Angels or perhaps Ibiza Beauties.

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