Massage Techniques – 5 Exclusive Treatments Trending Right Now

Do you enjoy treating yourself to the occasional spa visit but are you growing tired of the usual massage techniques you’ve experienced many times before? Let us introduce you into five unique treatments that will enliven your wellness routine and make you feel rejuvenated in a whole new way.

Massage Techniques You Need to Try

  1. Pinda Sweda Massage

Pinda Sweda belongs to the family of Ayurvedic massage techniques and uses a client-specific combination of herbs in form of linen cloth bags and warm medicated oils. This procedure is recommended for threating arthritis, neck and back pain, as well as muscle and joint pain. It soothes nerves and detox your system through removal of metabolic waste.

  1. Ashiatsu Massage

Coming from Japanese “Ashi” (foot) and “Atsu” (pressure), this technique provides a deep tissue work using therapist’s bare feet as a massage tool and a set of parallel bars as a safety feature. Compared to traditional hands-on treatments, Ashiatsu offers 3x deeper pressure which relieves muscle spasm, elongates shortened muscles and improves body posture.

  1. Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

The use of sea salt is no longer limited to our dining tables as this commodity has recently found its way into the world of wellness. Stone massage by itself represents a number of benefits.Using Himalayan salt stones then strengthens these benefits by adding extra 84 minerals and unique antimicrobial properties.

  1. Internal Organ Massage

Technically called visceral manipulation, internal organ massage is a centuries-old treatment originating in China. This technique focuses its attention on the organs found in a torso – the part of our body where tension is stored. Using tender stimulation, this practice helps ease chronic constipation, abdominal pain and sleep problems.

  1. Javanese Massage

This relaxing technique combines medium deep tissue massage with generous application of scented oils. When performing this procedure, the therapist uses thumb pressure simultaneously with long stroking palm movements, kneading and knuckling. Javanese massage breaks down knotted muscles, stimulates lymphatic system and helps with migraines and anxiety.

Now that you are familiar with what’s trending in the wellness industry you can ask your therapist about some fresh options for your next massage appointment.

Are you a conservative spa client who prefers to stick with the good old techniques, or are you already itching to experience one of the more unusual methods described above? Share with us your preferences and experiences in the comment section below!

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