Is Monogamy Old Fashioned and Obsolete?

According to statistics released by Tinder, over 79 per cent of millennials are active users, clocking up an impressive 1.4 billion daily swipes. While Tinder is an undeniably popular match-making platform, the rise and rise of dating apps has also encouraged a new kind of culture amongst young singles. Has monogamy become old fashioned and obsolete?

Accessibility, no accountability

Last summer, 26 million matches were made per day by Tinder, with well over one billion potential pairings achieved overall on the app. In a world where social media can cause adverse effects on self-esteem, dating apps boost confidence. In much the same way that Facebook likes or Twitter favourites reassure that someone’s out there, Tinder matches fill young singles with hoping of finding love, with minimal effort.

Having thousands of prospective partners at your fingertips, really raises the stakes when a match is made. The accessibility of online dating apps mean that dates are somewhat disposable. No longer are young singles playing the long game. Rather, as with much of our modern-day technology and lifestyle choices, instant results are expected. If fireworks don’t fly the second you set eyes on one another, there’s no fear in scrapping plans and moving on.

Not so single

It’s just so easy. Download, sign in, swipe, meet a match. Yet, the gamification of dating, along with the thrill of instantaneous results, isn’t simply attracting singles. In fact, only 54 per cent of Tinder users are single, which makes playing the dating game a little more risky.

That being said, this isn’t a shocking finding. It would seem that as dating apps become a cultural norm, an ever-increasing number of individuals are using the app to meet new people, and keep options open. It isn’t unusual for casual affairs to blossom, which work around myriad other dates. Connectivity has made it possible to search for the one, quite thoroughly, and it seems that more and more people are testing waters until the time is right. The desire to accomplish a traditional monogamous relationship is making way for a more liberal, open-minded approach to dating.

Beyond the dating app

If you like the idea of potentially being paired with ‘the one’, but don’t really rate the dating app culture, there are other options available to you.

Since the mid-noughties, online dating sites have proved to be a reliable and effective platform for meeting singles for fun, friendship or to set the foundations for something long term.  No matter your circumstance, there is a dating site out there to meet your needs. Whether you a professional looking to meet your match, or a single parent hoping to find love, specialised online dating sites are the answer. Hell there are even places where you can date old fashioned people, Granny dating at Granny Contacts is just the tip of the iceberg!

Simply sign up, log in, and browse through thousands of profiles – that special someone will catch your eye. Send over a private message and get to know each other a little more. With the ice broken, when the time feels right, arrange a meet. Online dating puts the romance back into relationships.



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