How to Win Your Ex-boyfriend Back When He Has Moved On

It feels terrible when you think your ex-boyfriend is some other girl’s arms. The idea itself of losing him forever can be gut wrenching. Luckily, there are still some tips that you can try to win your ex-boyfriend back. Just because he is seeing other girls are dating other women does not mean you lost him forever or can’t win him again. Remember one thing he fell for you a long time ago and if you try he might fall for you even now.

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The things that I will be covering in this article are:

—  What to do if your ex-boyfriend is in a rebound relationship?

—  What to do if he has moved on?

—  Tips and tricks to win your ex-boyfriend back

—  Ways to make  your ex-boyfriend meet you

—  What is his new girlfriend interferes  and stands between you and your ex-boyfriend

—  How to make your ex-boyfriend leave his new girlfriend

Is it a rebound relationship?

All that we know is that your ex-boyfriend might be in a new relationship and this relationship could be one way to get over you.  Usually, rebound relationships tend to end faster than you expected. Because in most of the cases, people don’t think wisely in rebound relationships. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that nearly 85% of the rebound relationships and in breakups.

If the case is same with you then you need to let your ex-boyfriend’s rebound relationship Run at its own pace. Because sooner or later, he will realize that the rebound relationship is not going to fill the hole he had in his heart and he feels like ending it. In any case, if you try to intrude in your ex- boyfriend’s life or try to even talk about his new relationship,  then this kind of behavior will only push him for the and wants to stay in that new relationship more and more.

You may feel like the world has come to an end but it’s not.  Here are the mistakes that you need to stop making in order to win your ex-boyfriend back and if not, you may lose him forever.

Has your ex-boyfriend really moved on?

Maybe it has been ages since the breakup and maybe he is indeed over you and has moved on. Maybe his new dating partner or girlfriend is not something you think like as a rebound relationship and they are serious about each other.

If this is your ex-boyfriend’s case then I need to ask you something. If your ex-boyfriend has already moved on then why haven’t you? Is something stopping you from moving on with your life? Do you agree that it is because you still love your ex-boyfriend and that is why you are not able to move on? At least have you ever tried to move on and then failed?

Look, of course, there is still a chance for you to win your ex- boyfriend back. But the real question is, do you think that your ex-boyfriend would be much happier with you than he is with his new girlfriend? Do you really want to sabotage your ex- boyfriend relationship with his new girlfriend just because you wanted to try again your chances with him? If your answer is yes then go ahead.

How to win your ex-boyfriend back from his new girlfriend?

If he found a new girlfriend for him,  a serious one then it might not be that easy before we start I must warn you that your chances ending with him are not so great or higher and probably you could end up hurting yourself.

The very first thing that you have to do is stop contacting him. I understand it is a bit hard thing to resist but it is important. There is a possibility is that he may forget about you but it is something that you need to take a chance and especially if you are trying to get him touch or contact him for some time now.

Once you follow this no contact rule for some time, it is now time to get in touch with your ex-boyfriend again. Just remember that the timing has to be right. In any case, if your boyfriend still is in his new relationship with his new girlfriend for some time now then he would definitely try to save that relationship and he will be less interested in getting back together with you. There is a fine difference between missing a person and forgetting them. Giving enough time to your ex- boyfriend make him miss you but not too long enough to forget about your relationship with them.

How to contact your ex-boyfriend?

Text messages are the best way when it comes to getting touch with the person after a long time. And the reason why I am saying this is because text messages are personal and if his new girlfriend in any way read them then she is crossing the line and not trusting him enough which gives you a point.

You need to carefully and slowly develop an attraction towards you utilizing text messages and never ever start your first message with the intention or letting him know that you want to get back with him.

What if his new girlfriend interferes?

If your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend does not allow him to stay in touch or contact you and if your ex-boyfriend is just following to whatever she is saying then it means that he is more than in always. Men usually do not let their girlfriends tell them what to do and what not to do unless they are dead serious about their relationship.

“How to influence your ex to return to you?”

Sadly, you cannot do that because it is his decision whether to break up with his new girlfriend and come back to you or forget about you and staying with her. But whatever it is, it is up to him. However, if you manage him to go out with you a few times and in any case, he notices the new you then he could be interested but this is just an assumption.

Nevertheless, if you are confident enough then you can ask him about the thought of getting back together. He has to choose between his new girlfriend and you and if he chooses her then you make sure to him that you can’t be friends with him anymore. Make sure you stand by your words.

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