How to Throw the Best Lads Party Ever

Partying is something of a norm for most people when the weekend rolls around. Well, maybe not most people, but certainly there is a stage of life that most will pass through when partying is the focus of the weekend. In fact, the parties are so much and so many that they tend to blend into each other, the one hard to distinguish from the next in a blur of booze and good times. So, when it comes around to organizing something truly stand-out and memorable, here are some tips to make sure you throw the mother of all parties.

All the single ladies

Sometimes it really is worth it, splashing out and arranging for female entertainment. In short, ladies who are paid to take their clothes off. Sure, this is probably not the best idea if all the wives and girlfriends are going to be there. But in terms of a lad’s party, it is a great way to liven up proceedings and get the mood going. As to where to find female strippers Newcastle has plenty of reputable locations where arrangements can be made – as do most towns and cities in Australia. Keep it above board and professional and your friends will be thanking you for years.


A good party needs to be more than drinking. We have already mentioned the presence of ladies, but the vibe will always be best if there are some activities over the course of the night. This is a very broad and varied category, and obviously, it is important to focus on the needs of the specific audience. It could be dancing for instance – this is always a good idea if there are females invited. But it could be paintball earlier in the evening or just good, old-fashioned drinking games or karaoke. Whatever it is, alcohol is important, but you need more than booze to create a focal point.

The moratorium

Sometimes it can be a great idea to promise a party so big that the guests are asked to avoid drinking and parties for a couple of weeks before the big day. It might sound like a crazy idea, but the truth is that it works, a charm. It is like creating an oasis in the desert. A week or two with lite beers and television watching will suddenly leave your guests ready to go all out when your day arrives.


For a party to truly fly there needs to be alcohol and plenty of it. Always over cater in the alcohol department and always anticipate that there will be more people at the event than you imagined. Anyone who has ever been to a party will know that once the beers start to flow, the tongues loosen, and the inhibitions disappear. And this is when it all starts to happen. Yes, there is probably a point where too much alcohol turns things from festive to messy, but that is okay too. A good host will be able to manage this process. It is fine for it to get messy, but that shouldn’t happen too early in proceedings.

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