How Can I Sell Sex Toys from Home?

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Adult entertainment industry likes to challenge the status quo assumptions. When everybody thought that porn would be confined to adult tube sites, webcams and adult membership sites, adult sex toys business joined the jaded bandwagon. If you are an adult webmaster, you can do both adult affiliate marketing and sell sex toys from home. To be upfront, I have seen many worthless work from home ads. Such ads promise the moon and deliver zilch. Despite investing more than 8 man-hours per day, work home businesses hardly fetch you any money. Adult sex toys business is undoubtedly a first class exception though.

Many people aren’t aware of where and how to sell sex toys from home. Before embarking on a venture pertaining to adult sex toys business, one has to thoroughly understand perceptions vs realities, challenges involved and subsequently draft a feasible plan of action. It is in this spirit, we have taken pains to explain how to sell sex toys from home.

Perception vs Reality

Let’s cut to the chase. Many people believe that selling adult sex toys from home is all about using the run-of-the-mill PPC (Pay per Click) programs. Some others believe that by advertising on Google i.e., by doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM), one can gain profits in adult sex toys business. There is little truth in this. Search Engine Marketing or marketing on search engines through Google Adwords is extraordinarily high priced. Moreover, the segment for PPC and SEM is extremely competitive and obsessive. Your list of prospects does not convert into paying customers easily.    



Advertising is a major challenge in adult sex toys business. Mainstream businesses can advertise on various social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, they can advertise on online magazines and blogs. If you are into adult sex toys business, you cannot leverage such platforms. So what’s the solution? It is recommended to advertise your product on adult tube sites such as, etc.  Moreover, there are many new entrants in the market. You can work in tandem with them by advertising your banner ads on their adult websites. This will be a win-win situation.


Yes, every industry is competitive. Some of the key competitors in adult sex toys business are Amazon, Drugstore and Walgreens. If you think discounts and offers are going to work wonders, you are wrong. If you offer deep discounts and offers, you will be coerced to close your sex toys business. Amazon, Drugstore, Walgreens etc., sell sex toys. They do not focus on a particular niche. It is this gap which is to be bridged. Rather than selling every possible sex toy, focus on selling sex toys pertaining to a niche. For instance, ‘Dildo’ is a niche. Different types of dildos are:

  1. Large Dildos
  2. Realistic Dildos
  3. Porn star modeled Dildos
  4. Black Dildos
  5. G-spot Dildos
  6. Anal Dildos
  7. Glass Dildos
  8. Silicone Dildos
  9. Suction Cup Dildos
  10. Double Ended Dildos
  11. Harness Dildos
  12. Strapless Dildos
  13. Ejaculating Dildos
  14. Homemade Dildos
  15. Vibrating Dildos

There are many more types of dildos. We are sure than Amazon, Walgreens and Drugstore do not sell every possible type of Dildo. If you specialize in selling niche-specific sex toys, nobody can outwit you.

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Legal Implications

Many people are unaware of the differences between a sex toy and medical device. For instance, people with penile dysfunction are known to purchase a prosthetic penis. Prosthetic penis resembles a realistic dildo in many ways. As an adult webmaster, you aren’t supposed to misguide patients suffering from penile dysfunction and encourage them to purchase large dildos. Understand the state laws and legal implications as far as the sale of sex toys is concerned.

Social Stigma

You cannot fight the domination of social stigma around adult sex toys business in an ad-hoc and confused manner. You have to be extremely street smart and organized. Content marketing can actually play a vital role. Very often, you should write articles elaborating the benefits of sex toys, how sex toys arouse sensual pleasures to the core, etc. There are many adult discussion forums. Answer the questions related to sex toys, sex position etc. Once you build enough fan following, start promoting your adult sex toys business on adult discussion forums.

Incidence of Fraud

Most of the fraud happens during the checkout process. For instance, many customers complain about embezzlement of funds as soon as their credit card information is disclosed. It is in the best interest of your adult sex toys business that you imprint an authority of trust in their minds. Make sure that transactions happen through a reputed payment gateway such as CCBill, Epoch, Epay etc. Payments facilitated through reputed payment gateways and secure firewalls are generally safe. Your online sex toys business store should comply with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) protocols.


Be transparent about shipping fee. As a matter of fact, be transparent about everything. Also, it is important to do away with any hidden charges. For instance, a user may think of purchasing an anal machine which is priced at $200. When he proceeds to the checkout page, the amount to be paid stands at $300. This can be attributed to hidden charges and shipping fee. The user will be disappointed to the core. Shopping cart abandonment happens due to the lack of transparency.   

Online Sex Toys Business Store

Your online sex toys business store should have the following features:

  • Responsive design
  • Customizable Templates
  • Robust Admin Functionality
  • Search Optimized marketplace design
  • Features such as advanced meta tags
  • Provisions to include keyword rich product descriptions
  • XML and CSV importers
  • Ratings and Review Models
  • Dispute Management Handler
  • Smart Search Filters
  • Adult Payment Gateways such as CCBill

Do not hire web developers to build your online store. It is recommended to purchase xMarketplace. This turnkey software is affordable and helps you build aesthetically designed sex toys stores.  To sell sex toys from home, you are not required to stock inventory. Strike deals with drop shippers. Drop shippers are capable of doing everything- right from packaging the ordered products to delivery of packaged items.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. We shall reply in a day or two. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of trends in adult sex toys business. Keep watching this space for insights on adult entertainment industry. Our best wishes are with you and your sex toys business. Cheers!

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