5 Dating Safety Rules that Could Save Your Life

Dating is not always as easy as pie, though it does not sound like a tough job. Many may think ‘how hard can it be’ or ‘I’ve got it under control’ but, the truth is no one knows ‘how’ and ‘when’ anything will go wrong and turn into a disaster. If one does not take any proper precautions may end up getting assaulted or even murdered.

You may chat with a person for a long time and think ‘Yes, I know him/her’ but this does not change the reality that no one knows the future. Being on a date keeps a person vulnerable to many unknown threats, especially if it’s a first date or a blind one. Nowadays online connections make it even harder to know a person. According to Vice News, a study in the UK in 2016 reported that reports of rape increased 450 percent between 2009 and 2014, due to online connections.

Well when it’s a matter of the heart, a risk of getting hurt will always be there. No one can protect from getting your heart broken. But with our tips, one can be prepared for any physical danger and survive. Today in this article we are going to talk about 5 Dating Safety Rules that Could Save Your Life. Your heart might get broken, but you will live to tell the tale.

Inform your close ones, keep them notified

Before going out on a date, share the information with your friends, roommate or with any close persons. The venue, time, with whom you are going, your date’s picture, address, phone number, the time you are expected to get back etc should be properly notified. If any change in plan occurs, you should inform that too. If you smell something fishy, you may inform that also and ask for suggestions. If no one knows you are out and going somewhere, then nobody will be able to help you.

Choose the right place

Don’t choose a place that is completely unknown to you. Choose a public place with people around. Don’t go to your date’s house or invite your date to yours if you know them hardly. A coffee shop or restaurant or movie is a fine choice. Make sure of the time that you will be choosing is not an off hour.

Be careful with foods and drinks

Don’t wander off keeping your food and drinks unattended. One may slip in some drugs to make you disoriented or unconscious. Don’t accept any drink from your date unless it is opened in front of you. Don’t drink more than one or two beverages. It’s easier to manipulate when you have alcohol working its magic on you.

Provide your own transport

If you are on a date with a person you don’t know very well, then it’s best if you have your own ride. Uber or your own vehicle is safer as if something goes wrong, you will be able to escape easily.

Group date

If possible make it a double date with a friend. In this way, you won’t have to worry about leaving your food unattended, getting too drunk etc. The risk is lower of getting attacked and two brains are always better than one to solve an out of hand situation.


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