10 Best Places For Meeting Cougars in San Francisco

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San Francisco has emerged to be the premium destination for cougar dating. With hundreds of hot spots round the corner, finding beautiful & confident mature women doesn’t necessarily have to be a tough task. Still, if you are in the search for someone who turns out to be an ideal partner for you then here are the top 10 ultimate places that you must watch out for.  

  1. Dating Apps

Though the idea of discovering a cougar at a happening bar can be quite exciting, yet things can get even better when you get to search from hundreds of them and that too at the comfort of your home. Wondering how? Well, this is where cougar dating apps make their way. Meant to help you meet singles from different parts of the city, apps are an incredible platform to witness the cougar dating culture in no time.  

  1. Press Club

If you are still a club person and are ought for some fun then Press Club is the place to be. The club features exquisite collection of wines and remains to be a favourite spot for old and mature women who hold a special corner for wines & classic delicacies. Not sure how to begin a conversation with them? Talk about the wine that you have just tasted or ask them about their suggestions about which food will turn out to be a perfect pair for the different wines.

  1. Bliss Bar

Known as the epitome of style, class and seductive atmosphere, Bliss Bar is a popular spot to meet cougars. In fact, this place is adored by single ladies to a greater extent, and you will always find someone enlightening the scene with their all-time favourite martinis.    

  1. Whole Food

Many think that you can hunt for cougars only at night, but Whole Food is here to transform that into a misconception. This place serves innumerable sugar momma throughout the day and if you strike the right chords then you would probably win the date of your life in seconds.  

  1. The District

If classy cougar is your think then The District will surely not disappoint you. Dine along, initiate conversation with the potential partners that you find and cast a perfect impression to make your presence count. Don’t forget to dress your best and be ready to woe older women with your sophisticated style and knowledge.

  1. Mars Bar & Restaurant

This another upscale bar that offers a relaxed and pleasant environment for young men to socialise with their sugar mommas. Here, you can cherish amazing quality food and at the same time get to know your counterpart and whether they will be the right one for you or not.

  1. Balboa Cafe

Balboa Cafe is regarded to be the den of classy and experienced cougars. So, if you have just started your journey or are planning to take your partner on the first date whom you have discovered on dating app for meeting cougar in San Francisco this cafe should be the first name on your list.

  1. Harry’s Bar

When you are out there for some fun with energetic music, lights, drama and of course cougars then Harry’s Bar is the best pick. Do remember, this place has been a popular choice amongst young men which means you have to be prepared to compete for the sexiest cougar in town.  

  1. Clift Hotel

While most of the people at the Clift Hotel are busy with their business meets and work, cougars on other hand are left lonely at the corner of the bar waiting for their cub to come and offer them a drink. Initiate a conversation, get to know more and kickstart your cougar dating journey.

  1. Hotel Biron

Hotel Biron is a brilliant hunting ground for cougars and what even adds to this is the crowded, hot and cozy ambience that it features. Spend some time, find those eyes that are staring at you and make your move before they are gone!


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