Sex – don’t ask, don’t get!

Okay so most of us want to have sex often, that’s just a fact. Sure it is more important for some than others; but sex is a natural and primal instinct which is part of our biological making. Some people embrace it whilst other repress it; but as long as it’s done right then it will give us a lot of pleasure. However there are still many taboos around the subject, meaning we don’t always just approach people randomly and ask them if they want to have a good time. We fear that people will look down on us, treating us like perverts. But if you can’t ask people for it, how do you expect to get it?

Luckily society is evolving, though that very much depends on which country you’re living in. It is great however that Western civilizations are seeing a more progressive attitude towards sex; with women and men being considered close to equal. This means that a lot more women are as naughty as men when it comes to wanting to have fun; and that is a great thing! In fact if you use adult dating sites, it is not uncommon anymore to be approached by ladies about sex; it’s not just a thing that men do anymore.

Of course there are limits and principles. You don’t just randomly approach people in the streets during daytime to ask them for sex. Whether you’re a man, a woman or another gender; being stopped in the streets and asked for sex when you don’t expect it will mostly put you off. There are however places where this behaviour is accepted. You can go out in a bar or nightclub, places where people drink and have fun; and suddenly it doesn’t feel to out of place to engage in a naughty conversation with that person you fancy. You don’t need to be sleazy about it; but you can flirt and be fairly honest about the fact that you’re looking to have a good time.

This really applies to adult dating too. Those naughty sites like My BDSM Hookups are the perfect places to approach people about sex. After all those sites are designed for people who want to have sex, so you won’t feel out of place for asking naughty questions to strangers. The bottom line is that as long as you’re in a place where it is appropriate to do so, then you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for sex if that’s what you want. It’s a whole lot better than hanging around with someone for days and days under the pretence of friendship when all you want to do is to have sex with them.

Being honest pays off, and it is the right way to do things too. You might be timid and think that the person you’re talking to doesn’t want you; but maybe they want to have sex with you too! Just simply dropping a hint or two and you find out that the two of you want the same thing. So yes, if you don’t ask then you don’t get. The key thing is to remain appropriate and choose the right setting. Don’t randomly approach people during the day, instead go out at night or use adult dating sites. Just ask people around, and eventually you will be able to get laid!

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