Life Size Sex Doll

Sex dolls are the newest, biggest in thing today. Life size sex dolls are so lifelike that many people have started taking a keen interest in these dolls for sexual favors and companionship.

Customized life size sex dolls come with features such as a silicone skin, thick thighs, beautiful bouncing breasts and stronger wrists making them almost human to the touch.

To make the doll feel more like human manufacturers are now rolling out love dolls that are 4ft 8” tall, weighing in at almost 70 pounds and a little heavy to carry making the toy feel like a real human being.

Life size sex dolls have the best combination of height and proportion and a big butt making the sexual experience much better. Created with stronger wrists these sex dolls can bear minimum weight on their arms without breaking away.

Accessories Sold With Life Size Sex Dolls

To make the experience better, buyers of these sex dolls get accessories such as; handling gloves, a skimpy outfit, blanket, wig and a vaginal irrigator. For secure storage, the love doll is sold together with a closet bar suspension kit.

The closet kit makes it easy to dress and maintain the silicone sex doll. The kit comes with free protective cotton muslin dust bags which covers the silicone skin from humidity, dust, and light.

Additional accessories shipped separately includes a complete sex doll care kit. The package carries renewal powder, stain remover, wig brush, condoms, nail glue, powder brush, water based lubricant and vaginal warming rod.

What Role Do Love Dolls Play?

Since there are life size sex dolls in the market, the question remains, can sex dolls substitute real love? To some extent, they can replace real love based on the user’s experience.

Fortunately, the options are endless for persons in search of selecting the perfect size love doll. Life size sex dolls are made in both male and female moulds. Buyers can customize their dolls according to their needs and so long as they can afford.

Love dolls make great companions and provide dynamic and robust sexual experiences. Life like dolls is perfect for lonely times. Some life size sex dolls have been customized with sucking mouths.

They give oral sex to both male and female users. Their ass holes are also tightened making them ideal for anal sex. Male sex dolls have a penis and testicles that vibrate delivery a human like a thrust.

Female sex dolls have firm breasts with erect nipples and a wet, deep and tight vagina. The dolls are created to mimic human behavior and feel during sexual activity.

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