How to make a relationship work

Finding a dating partner isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Whilst in the past you had to be brave and dare to meet strangers; you can now hook up with new people simply by sending them a message online. The best thing is that dating websites are now more populated than ever as people are preferring to use this method; making it more simple and straight forwards whilst remaining convenient. But as easy as it is to meet new people online, how does this help us to find and maintain a relationship?

How serious are you?

The first thing to work out is whether or not you’re actually interested in commitment. This might sound silly but there are so many people who get into a relationship when all they want to do is to have fun. It’s not just teenagers that do that, adults do it a lot too. Honestly if all you’re interested in is to find free local fuck buddies then try adult dating instead; you’ll find plenty of people online who just want to have a good naughty time. Being in a serious relationship is a lot of work so only do it if you know you mean business, no point wasting your time or someone else’s for that matter.Image result for How to make a relationship work

Open-up and communicate

Relationships are all about trust and knowing each other; so you need to be an open book as far as your partner is concerned. This means talk to them every day, tell them how you feel and open yourself up to them. They are going to spend the rest of their lives with you so it’s best they know you through thick and thin. Don’t hide things because you think they’ll find you weak. Also don’t not-say things because you think it will upset them; it’s up to them to make that decision. The bottom line is that there no secret between the two of you, and the more you communicate the better you will understand each other.

Change each other

Like going to the army going into a lifelong relationship will put your character to the test; so much so that you and your partner will break each other down. This is intense but it happens with most relationship. You will eventually let go of your sense of single pride and you will come to accept that you’re not the one in control. It doesn’t mean that you lose your personality altogether; but rather it is about accepting that you’re now part of something greater than yourself. You will think about the greater good for your family and less about your own individual needs.

Do your own thing

This might sound a bit contradictory but make sure you find hobbies which you can go and do by yourself. The thing about being in a relationship is that you’re always doing things together and this can be a little too much at times. Doing your own thing will give you your own sense of self; and you will enjoy knowing that you are still you. Same with your partner; just make sure they can enjoy doing their own thing. As much as being a team works; a team is composed of individuals which helps it to work, so make sure both of you get that ‘me-time’ you deserve.

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