High Class Escorts in Delhi

They say what goes around comes around. We say that its bullshit and we always prove what we say. Suppose, you vote a wrong person in the elections, he will do nothing but things that will harm you, you chose the wrong person and got him the power to rule you, to dictate you, but will he ever have to pay for the same? We don’t think so.

High Class Escorts in Delhi are doing nothing but serving the gentlemen that come to visit the historic city, but the mainstream media gives them names like high-end prostitutes, etc. Will the media ever pay for the same? We don’t think so. How about the gold-diggers that marry men for money? They are not given such names.

Take Delhi Russian Escorts for example, these girls leave their countries to make a living and have some fun while doing the same, but the media portrays them as hookers. Since when did a man meeting a woman or the other way round became such a crime? Men and women are made for each other and nothing can stop the attraction between them.

All the religions, several societies, etc have tried to make the society completely asexual but they all failed. Instead of being condemned, all these people are revered as pious godmen and stuff like that.

Will these people ever pay for what they have done to the society? We know that they will not, 99% of them are already dead and they are still worshipped.

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