Give A Boost To Your Sex Life With Games

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Games have long been beneficial to lovers that have tried them out. Playing games with your partners can help create a more intimate feeling between you guys. Some adult flash games are just for really exciting experience that would make you and your partner want to play all over again.

However, these adult flash games can also help boost your sex life with your partner. What really works to spice up the sexual intercourse? We went to ask some couples directly how they were doing to get their partner (s) up to the 7th heaven.

Make Love Blindfolded

As Aurélie is modest, an idea came to me: make love blindfolded. At the time of the preliminaries, I grabbed one of the two scarves that I have at hand and I tied it around her eyes. Then I gave her the other one to tie my eyes. After hesitant beginnings, we let ourselves go. The ecstasy. The next time, she took out a scarf.

Hugo, 28 years old.

Cunnilingus Surprise

When she sleeps, I love to bury myself under the sheets to her belly button. I then launch into a hug from below. I then make her squirm with pleasure. I love this moment when she enjoys half asleep.

Nathan, 27 years old.

Make Love On The Washing Machine

The other day we had an orgasm out of bed: she sat on the washing machine at the time of spinning. It vibrated in all directions and it awakened our desires. Now, as soon as we switch on the machine, we look at each other with a mischievous smile.

Axel, 30 years old.

Adult Flash Game

We decided to try this adult flash game we got at home for the first time. I think we are going to keep playing it. The game was really exciting and she loved it, as it made us crave to try out new things.

John, 30 years old.

The Phosphorescent Condom

Phosphorescent condoms were being distributed by a company. I took some of them so that Maria would be shocked. She loved it. It was me who liked it less. I felt embarrassed by this firefly effect.

Quentin, 31 years old

Do A Striptease for her

Why would strip-teases only be for women? Here I am stripping my clothes off looking her right in the eyes. And yet I was afraid of being ridiculous. But as she came into the game whistling and applauding, it encouraged me.


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