Getting comfortable before a date

So you’ve finally managed to score a date and now the fear is settling in. You actually have to meet that person face-to-face, no more talking online. This situation is familiar to a lot of us, especially these days when internet makes it so easy for us to talk to potential partners from the comfort of our own homes. We chat online and we get comfortable, but eventually we all have to get out of that comfort zone and get ready for the real deal.

Relaxing with sports

Maybe you’ve met a potential girlfriend on a normal dating site, or maybe you’ve just arranged a sex meet by using an adult dating site such as Either way you’ve got your emotions all tangled up, and you’re just feeling nervous. If you can’t stay in place then how about taking a long walk? This will help you to get rid of those nervous shakes and it will allow you to breathe. Maybe walking isn’t enough, so if you’re a sports person anyway then go for a run, a cycle or a swim to sweat some of those nerves out.


When your heart is beating too fast, sometimes you just need to sit down and embrace the peaceful aspects of meditation. You don’t need to be an expert in it neither, instead just sit down crossing your legs and breathe deeply and slowly. Eventually you will feel a sense of peacefulness settling in, where you have better control over you heart rate and the rest of your body. Some people close their eyes and think about their happy place, maybe you can do that too.

Use the right clothes

No point going to a date if you’re wearing clothes you’re not comfortable with. Items that are too tight stop you from breathing, whilst items that are too loose require you to fidget with them so that they might stay in place. Ideally you want to wear clothes that’ you’re not only happy with but you also feel comfortable physically when wearing them. Presentation and physical well-being can go hand-in-hand so make sure you don’t leave your choice of clothes to the last moment.

Organize things in advance

Same as the clothes shopping, you’re more likely to feel at ease if you have at least a clue about what is happening during that date. If you’re nervous that things will not go well then organise yourself. Include alternatives to the main choice in case your date is not happy with the restaurant you pick. It’s all about having eventualities covered, the more you know what to do the less out-of-your-league you will feel.

Health preparations

This might sound logical but make sure you get a good night’s sleep before your date takes place. Eat foods that will not give rise to a bad stomach and make sure you do what you can so that you are actually physically ready for that date. Make sure you’re happy with your haircut and how shaved you are, it’s all those details that will accumulate to allow you to feel more relaxed. Again it comes down to planning, so just organise yourself as much as you can and you make the process of dating as comfortable as it can be.

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