Do opposites attract?

There is a say that tells that the opposites often attract, that a relationship built between two people that are different doesn’t always resists but if the two have same tastes that can really work. I don’t know if this is true but sometimes different people just fit and maybe the say that they don’t resist like a couple it is just a reason for some to have an excuse for a relationship that didn’t work. And when we talk about differences we aren’t talking about what you eat or what drinks or movies you like. We refer to behavior and ideals, things that really matter and are important regarding the future of a long term relationship. But these are things that you manage to find out in time not when you first meet someone. When you flirt with a girl or a man in a club or in a store is only something physical. Love, flirt are two different things. And very often we tend to like people that aren’t fit for us. That is part of the human nature. To get to love someone it can happen very fast or it can take a lot of time. Usually a couple makes a lot of things together and for that many of us search for people that have many in common with us. The reality is that is much better to have someone that likes to watch same movie genre that you do, to listen to same type of music that you do or to have hobbies like yours. This are things that weld a couple and in the same time doesn’t get the opportunity to get bored.Image result for Do opposites attract?

As we said before flirt, love are two different thing. When you flirt with a guy you can’t already know that if you will date him and that we will turn out to have similar tastes as you. So you can find yourself in the situation that you date someone that has nothing in common with you. What you do then? In this case the opinions are shared. If you don’t want like this to give you too much trouble you can gentle refuse a second date. But, in other cases, to date someone opposite in all matters of speaking it can be a real challenge. You can do new things adapting to the new situation, you can maybe develop new skills, try things that you didn’t tried before. But this depend on each kind of person, of how malleable or open minded each human can be. The real problems aren’t about small things like this, are about character  issues. Two people that think different can very easily go from a little difference of opinion to a big fight, because is very hard to get to a common point of view with someone that is same as you are, and each one thinks that his point is the right one. This is why many studies were made on this topic and even psychologists got to the conclusion that is better to always search someone with similar believes, likes and habits as yours.

And yes, opposites attract. But love, flirt isn’t about any of it. And each of us is free to choose what we consider that it is fit for us. How the things will go from there, you can only wait to see in time and from there to make the proper decision. After all, you can’t really get to know 100% a person even after spending 20 years together.

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