Divorce: Texas Style

Divorce in Texas isn’t quite what you see on the TV show Dallas.  In fact, the reality of divorce in Texas is often just a matter of someone paying $150 to file an uncontested divorce and possibly forgoing even an attorney.  However, there are times when a divorce will become heated or scandalous, such as the case with the Texas Values Jonathan Saenz, who was recently brought back into the news by the ironic destruction by flood of the home of Tony Perkins.   Saenz has been a vocal supporter of traditional marriage in the State of Texas, so it was with some irony that his wife would leave him for another woman.  The dissolution of marriage is never an easy event to live through, but it can be more acrimonious when other parties are involved.  In the case of Perkins, a notable anti-gay marriage advocate, to have his wife leave him for a gay relationship was most likely a huge blow.Image result for Divorce: Texas Style

In these types of cases one party may want to contest the divorce, not because they want to stay married but because they want to have a day in court where they let the world know what happened.  This is never a good scenario.  It’s expensive, both financially and emotionally.  

As divorce attorneys are jobs are to perform a legal function—help to resolve property and custody issues between two parties divorcing.  They will want what is best their our clients and any children they may have.  That means calming things down instead of allowing them to heat up.

After all, this isn’t Dallas.

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