Differences between LGBT and straight relationships

We can’t say for sure that there are differences between gay and straight relationships. Love, after all it’s a feeling that each person feels, of course, each one in his way.

Most people beings regardless of their orientation want to love and to feel loved and that it matters for someone special. Each person wants to have a partner with whom to build a future, to have a life together based on respect and understanding, a person that shares his believes and his interests.

            Straight people don’t have problems regarding marriage for example. There were and there still are made lots of efforts to change the culture and legal support and there was made some progress but there is still big resistance for gay marriage. There are lots of countries that still don’t agree with gay marriage.

GLBT persons share many challenges when it comes to their loving relationships that heterosexual couples don’t. Straight relationships are very common, very usual and no one argues about anything when it comes to relationships between men and women.

When it comes to LGBT dating young people choose very often to stay hidden or it takes them just a little bit longer to get used to with their own identity. There are groups in high school campuses that have the potential to normalize the presence of GLBT youth in high schools and this way to reduce the pressure that makes them to hide and be invisible. Straight people don’t have to face so many challenges as GLBT individuals that usually grow up by being marginalized and that see themselves in the situation where they have to figure how to cope and to adapt to the non-supportive environments.

            Even that many people think that there is a certain difference between straight and LGBT people when it comes to a quality relationship this is not quite true. We can all agree tham many times same-sex couples really look nicer and they use more humor in case of arguments compared to heterosexual couples. Straight people often assume that one partner must be the wife whn it comes to a same-sex relationship but gay partners don’t feel the pressure of having each his role and they are more for being equal and so this way results lower intensity arguments. But, in the same time, same-sex couples do tend to break up more frequently, a reason for this being that gay and lesbian partners have fewer “barriers” on leaving their relationships. One reason for the the fewer barriers is because most same-sex partners do not have the legal option of getting married. So as you can see, sometimes the marriage issue can go both ways. Marriage is all usually about barriers, most of a financial nature, that makes the idea of to spliting up a really big problem whent it comes to the costs. Do you even know how expensive is to get a divorce these days? And this is why in LGBT relationships that don;t get concrete through a marriage than they won;t have the need to consult attorneys and appear in front of a judge if they want to end their relationship.

Even that there are some differences keep in mind that in the end basic relationships are the same no matter of the couple’s type. Although  when comparing same-sex and straight relationships, you will find actually more similarities than you’ll find differences.


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