Changing trends in Latex clothing

The latex rubber is used in clothing ever since the 1970’s. The latex rubber clothes which were traditionally used in protective clothing such as gas masks and Wellington boots are now being replaced by plastics. Of late, latex clothing is gaining importance in the fashion industry, there is an increase in the number of people who wish to support these dresses, which at one point in time was preferred by the models who walked the ramp as well as the celebrities who walked down the red carpet. There are quite a number of designers and makers of fresh fashion garments for men and women. THE LATEX FETISH STORE is one such store that offers a wide range of latex fetish clothes for men and women.

Latex Clothing –What is it?

Latex clothing is often confused with different materials.  The materials that are often misconstrued as latex include neoprene or spandex, plastic, or PVC. Though these materials are also often used for the making of fetishes, the latex fetish is totally different from these materials. The latex fetish is preferred by the users both for its skin tight and smooth finish as well as for the scent of the material that they find erotic.

Benefits of wearing Latex Clothing

Wearing tight or even not so tight latex fetish clothes actually induces a light stimulation of your skin. It enhances the feeling you have of your own skin and is almost like a second skin. Every touch of the skin through the latex is quite sensual and incredible. The film of sweat that is created between the latex clothing and the skin is believed to contribute to keeping your skin moist, warm and stimulated. The skin-tight latex clothes can actually make you look great and in effect enhance your sex appeal. It does its bit in smoothening every curve of your body and brings out the shape of the body in an appealing manner. THE LATEX FETISH STORE  actually has a range of clothing that is ready to wear and they are also capable of producing garments to order made of thin latex as well as thicker less stretchable latex depending on yourpreference.

Wearing latex fetish clothing

The latex tends to be sticky to the skin as well as to other clothing. Therefore, wearing it requires the use of

  • Talcum powder– the talc will work as a dry lube and reduce friction between skin and the latex
  • Silicone oil- it is the only oil that can be used with latex. It will not only make the latex shiny but also keep your skin lubricated
  • Chlorination of the latex– it is a one-time treatment of the latex which makes it less sticky and smooth. It costs extra but it is less preferred by those who buy latex for the scent of the material.

Buy, proper fitting latex fetishes to be able to wear it for a long time and it is important to take good care of the latex fetish clothing to prevent damage and infections.


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