Can using sex toys take your sex life to new levels?

With the mainstreaming of sex, sex expo’s, erotic novels and dating apps there hasn’t been a better time to be informed about sex and what the benefits of having sex is, with and without sex enhancers.

What is the purpose of sex toys?

When referring to sex toys, we are speaking about everything from vibrators to condoms and pleasure gels. The condoms that are in questions are the custom condoms that you can buy which are either ribbed or studded which is designed to amplify the amount of pleasure which couples experience.

Sex toys are used to turn sex from boring (for some people) into a fun new approach to the same old boring act, what is more, most toys, if not all of the sex toys available on and in every other sex shop, both online and offline are designed mainly for fun and pleasure.

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Do you have to use toys with your partner or can you use them by yourself?

One of the nicest things about sex toys is that they come in a large variety of options, meaning that there are toys which are designed for male, female, couples and same-sex relationships.

Meaning that you can buy whatever toy you want and use it to your heart’s content without having to worry about if you are “doing it” wrong.

So do sex toys take your sex life to new levels?

One would think that in order to have great sex you and your partner have to be in the same room as each other. Well, sex isn’t all about the penetration and can be taken to new levels when couples focus on other aspects of sex like oral and foreplay.

If you focus on those aspects of sex you will find that a whole new world of pleasure awaits you and your partner as the sex toy world has so many options for you to choose from.

For instance, say you are in a long distance relationship and talk over skype every night, and one night you want to have sex over skype. Well, to spice this up you can get certain sex toys which are controlled by both remote and a mobile application meaning that while you are having sex of the call you can control how much pleasure your partner is experiencing, which is a fun way to spice things up.

Final thoughts

As you can see the role of sex toys in relationships can help add an unlimited amount of dun to your relationship as well as make things interesting again if you feel like things have died down after all those years.

If you feel that you might want to try sex toys, there is no need to feel ashamed as it is perfectly normal and you can do all of your shopping online so when your parcel is delivered it is done discreetly and nobody will know what new toy you have unless you want them to know.

Lastly, the world of sex toys is constantly evolving so there is never a better time to start.

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