All the Different Adult Entertainment Options You Have in Las Vegas

One of the great things about visiting Las Vegas is the number of entertainment options you have. Of course, this also includes adult entertainment. Thankfully, there is a wide range of adult entertainment opportunities for you when in town, so no matter what you’re looking for, there is a good chance you’ll find it here. You just need to know what sort of opportunities you’ll have in Las Vegas.

You Can Always Check Out The Good Old Fashion Strip Clubs

Now, there’s nothing old fashion about the strip clubs here. In fact, you might find more lighting and AV technology set up here than in most night clubs around Vegas. It simply is the standard option for seeing beautiful women and having a bit of adult fun. You don’t really need to do any major planning with these clubs and chances are there will be at least one nearby where you are at. So if you want to check out the classic Vegas staple, make sure to take in one of these strip clubs.Image result for lasvegasstrippers

Private Strippers Can Be Fun As Well

Of course, you may want to go with one of the private Vegas strippers instead of a strip club. With the private stripper you’ll have a girl come to your hotel or meet you in a specific location. This makes it pretty fun and you don’t even need to leave where you’re staying. This is perfect for bachelor parties or really anything else. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a naked girl around the hotel room.

Speaking Of Direct To Your Room Options, Here are a Few Others

There are more than just strippers you can hire to come to your hotel room. Perhaps you are feeling a bit tired from your travels and you want to relax and enjoy a couple of hours in your hotel room with a girl. This is where hiring an in room massage comes in. There are plenty of in room options you can choose from, ranging from a more traditional massage to a naked massage, a NURU massage, Asian massage or all sorts of other variations. When booking the massage make sure to ask any questions you might have about these different services. Most of the girls can provide different massages during the course of your massage, so if you decide you want to go with something else, after she arrives, this usually isn’t a problem (although a NURU massage does require specific oil, so it is best to request this if you may want it).

Beyond just the massage option you can always book an escort. An escort is able to go around town with you, be your personal guide, serve as some companionship and just be there for you while visiting. As is the case with the massage, there are different kinds of escort services you can book. You may want to consider the girlfriend experience, also known as a GFE. This is where she will act like your girlfriend and treat you like the perfect boyfriend. It is something that is rather popular, but like everything in Vegas, it isn’t for everyone. Thankfully, with enough Vegas opportunities and escorts around town, you’ll find something that works for you.

If You Want Something A Bit More Adult, You Can Always Head Out of Town

If you are hoping for something a bit more adult than the other options, such as actually hooking up with someone, you can go to a brothel on the outside of town. Prostitution is illegal in the county, but right outside of the county line, which isn’t a far drive from Las Vegas, you’ll be able to do all of this and then some. The brothels are located here, so if this is the adult fun you have been searching for, don’t worry, because you can find it here. You can book services ahead of time if you’d like, or you can simply arrive and take a service once you get there. With so many adult services available, you’ll find something you like for sure.

These are just a handful of the most popular adult entertainment options available to you when visiting Las Vegas. Ultimately, if there is something you want to do (within reason) there is a good chance you’ll find it here. From hiring an escort to checking out a local strip show, there is always something fun to see and do.

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