5 sizzling hot ways to bring the spark back to your sex life

I love hot, passionate lovemaking with my significant other and I believe you also enjoy the same. But, there’s a problem, over time the fire dwindles from a smothering blaze to lukewarm.

Sex becomes just another routine, predictable, and with time unenjoyable.

How do you bring back the shattering spark of passion into your bedroom once again?

Here’re some of the proven techniques and tips that have made lovemaking fun again, and thinking about this now is getting me all well and soggy.

First, understand why the spark is gone in the first place

Sex is 90 percent psychology and 10 percent the physical mechanics. So many things could affect sex drive ditto your partner. Are you guys going through a rough patch, say with your finances? Are there mounting bills accumulating? Is everything going on well at your place of work?

Figuring out the energy draining aspect of your life is the step in reviving your sex life. Coming to grips with this helps to de-clutter your mind while also helping you put things in perspective.

Communicate, communicate and communicate some more with your partner

I honestly believe there’s no issue a genuine and open talk with your partner cannot solve. Talking things over helps both of you to understand what’s going on with the other person, it also provides an excellent opportunity to let your other half know what you love during sex.

Do you like being cuddled after sex? Is there a particular way you would like to be touched? Let them know, and you would be setting yourself up for an invigorated sexual experience.

Break the routine

There’s nothing that kills intimate desires faster than doing the same thing over and over again. The human body is wired to seek out variety and different experiences. Indulge yourself. Make plans to explore new ideas together – think visiting a new restaurant around the corner, taking a weekend road trip, introducing intimate gadgets like this anal bullet vibrator. What I’m saying is, it doesn’t matter what both of decide to do but make sure you’re having fun with your partner by those things that get you guys excited.

Play out your fantasy

Tell me what’s hotter than living out your fantasy?

Share your dark side with your partner. What’s that one thing you’ve always fantasized about? Would you love to be dominated? Or perhaps get aroused with the thoughts of cross-dressing? No matter what kinky streak you’ve been suppressing, it’s time to bring them to the open and ask your partner to help you live them.

Kiss, touch, caress more often

We thrive when we feel loved, cared for and appreciated. Is there a better way to show how much we adore our partner than through kissing, touching and those tiny deeds?

Are you serious about re-igniting the flames of passion in your relationship, and then show your partner how much they mean to you through your actions. For instance, you can take out a moment during your day to send them a short text of how you miss them, what you would do to them if you’re there, and any other endearing expression you want.

Finally, sustaining the intimate desires in a relationship takes some effort, and when done you’re sure of reaping the rewards of a passionate, healthy relationship.

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